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Kit of Part Library

Kit of Parts Library

Your digital warehouse

Green Timber Technology is an Australian owned, SME with the goal to apply reuse and redistribution approaches to componentry in the construction sector.


Our team are experts in componentisation and we have a Kit of Parts Library to create your perfect project.

Advanced manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

Your own facility, ready to go

Once your project and components have been itemised, through Advanced Manufacturing we deliver high quality engineered timber components that can be used to assemble your project.

Our facility is your facility. We offer clients the opportunity to lease manufacturing slots to deliver their components if there is a need to carry out bulk runs. 

We also offer clients, the peace of mind that GTT will handle the inventory management and storage of components until they are needed on site. 

Circular Economy and Re-use

Circular Economy & Re-use

Components are reworked and reused

The componentry can be broken down and re-used time and time again. GTT offer clients the opportunity to return componentry to us at any time. We will rework and then reuse those components to ensure minimal impact on our planet.

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