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About us

Green Timber Technology (GTT) is a proudly Australian company on a visionary mission to revolutionize the construction industry by reducing waste and delivering high-quality materials for a variety of building projects.

The idea is simple

Using Advanced Manufacturing techniques, we are able to produce high-quality timber and engineered timber components that can be used as a kit of parts to build anything from single units to schools, hospitals and entire neighbourhoods.


We are pursuing a simpler and greener approach to construction while significantly improving productivity and driving significant change across the supply chain.

Best Recycled Building Materials Company
We are GTT
Sustainable building methods company throughout Australia
Building Cities of the Future

Our mission

To meet our objective of making sustainable building methods the norm throughout Australia, we collaborate with our government partners to address concerns of poor productivity in a stagnant construction sector. Our sustainable solutions, biophilic designs, and commitment to reducing and reusing waste are primed to transform the course of construction for the better, opening up prospects for circular economy ways and driving an influx of jobs in this critical economic sector.

Above all else, we remain steadfastly committed to building in harmony with our environment in order to preserve our pristine green spaces for future generations. 

Our Objectives

Improve productivity

Component design and optimisation through the use of technology we manufacture with minimal waste

Reduce our impact

With routes in sustainability and technology we maximise carbon neutral materials and incorporate design for reuse in our projects

Get superior outcomes with GTT Green Timber
Superior project outcomes

Utilising component based manufacturing project quality and cost improvements

Improve welbeing with GTT Green Timber
Improved wellbeing

Use of Biophilic design and natural materials to improve our environments for future generations

Our objectives regarding sustainable building materials
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