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Sustainable Timber Frame Kits in Education Sectors


Kit of Parts systems for single classrooms or entire schools

We at GTT are passionate about creating spaces that will inspire future generations. Schools are receiving record funding, and many have used it to create excellent learning environments.

As a member of the School Infrastructure NSW Pre-qualification scheme for kit of parts manufacturing we are highly active in the Education sector. We are truly excited by every project we are involved in.

Public/Private School

Public / Private School

Early learning centres

Early Learning Centres

Untitled design (1).png

University / TAFE

​Kit of Parts systems for single classrooms or entire schools

The Education Hub

As a team of engineers and manufacturers our system can flex to cover your drivers, provides great value for money and quality finishes.


The below scheme is based upon the 4-hub standard School Infrastructure NSW design and a timber kit of parts can be manufactured rapidly. Off-site manufacturing drives savings and prevents wastage and improves program.

The education hub and GTT Green Timber
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