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The Future of Construction is Now

Cheaper, faster, and more reliable and completely renewable


Up to 1,000 variations


30+ Materials Available


Available all states of Australia


Production line enabled
What we offer

Where sustainability and Advanced Technology meet

We employ Advanced Manufacturing techniques to produce high-quality engineered timber components that can be used as a kit of parts to build anything from single units to entire neighborhoods.

Timber Products Company in Australia

Why partner with GTT

Green Timber Technology
We leverage technology
Sustainable building materials
We transform for tomorrow
Recycled Building Materials for Future Generations
We conserve for future generations

What's new

Green Timber Technology have recently been awarded a position on the SINSW Pre-qualification scheme for MMC suppliers.

Biophilic interior design providing company awarded on SINSW pre-qualification scheme
Natural building materials providing trees

“If it can’t be repaired, reused or recycled, it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production.”

Pete Seeger


  • What are the key drivers of using the GTT-Smart system?
    By leveraging the GTT-Smart system(s) you would see: 1. An improve construction schedule by as much as 30-40% on site 2. Quality benefits of having machine cut and precision milled edges, finishes and openings. 3. Less embodied carbon than that of a traditional steel or concrete solution yet performing the same or if not better. 4. Health and Safety and Wellbeing of the team who put together the system are able to avoid working up scaffolding for assembly and avoiding being on a construction site at all for the pre-manufacturing stage.
  • How does the design process work to Integrate the GTT-Smart system?
    GTT’s approach is to provide a Managed Service. Our Kit of Parts approach, allows GTT to use its production line to create engineered parts suitable for mass production and construction. Modular components are designed to be quality checked, fit for purpose and quickly constructed at the project site. During early engagement we would assess the different option and break this down into a simplistic, standardised Kit of Parts.
  • How to GTT use digital design to drive the process?
    GTT is a strong advocate for our clients and the building infrastructure industry’s progressive approach and leadership in the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM). During the delivery phases of a project, benefits such as clash avoidance and automated updates of drawings following changes, bring tangible added value to the project.
  • What team is involved in delivering your projects?
    GTT’s team includes qualified architectural and structural technicians, carpenters, engineers, digital managers and project managers all of whom are heavily involved in our existing projects/supply contracts. Our team understands that successful quality design outcomes are based on a shared, overarching vision for each project. We strive to collaborate with the client and supply chain to realize these outcomes.
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